Lucian Mattison's second collection "Reaper's Milonga" is forthcoming from YesYes Books in March of 2018. Be on the lookout for updates!


Lucian Mattison's debut book of poetry, Peregrine Nation, won the 2014 Dogfish Head Poetry Prize. Set in Argentina and Chile, the collection centers around the exploration of identity in a multicultural family, and within shifting political and generational landscapes. The prize was judged by Larry Woiwode, Gerry LaFemina, and Diane Lockward. To purchase the book please use the contact tab to order it directly from Lucian, or visit The Broadkill River Press website.

"Lucian Mattison, who has lived in Brazil and Chile takes on the role of a “New world vulture” observing the turbulent life around him. Knives, guns, riot police, and even earthquakes are common in the Santiago of his debut collection, but there is a sweetness and sensuality to be found there as well. If “English is a way out / tongue in which we celebrate what we leave,” Mattison’s poems give us a way into “culture of silence” he so skillfully describes and disturbs. Not since the publication of Carolyn Forché's The Country Between Us more than 30 years ago has a poet written more compellingly about events that most Americans would prefer to ignore."

Sue Ellen Thompson, winner of the 2010 Maryland Author Award, editor of The Autumn House Anthology of Contemporary American Poetry
“In semi-documentary dramatic scenes, Lucian Mattison tells stories about a specific locale, a peregrine Nation that I can think my way into, or sink into—an outlier’s view of Argentina. His scenes remain in the mind because of each line of poetry, as Ezra Pound recommended, is written “at least as well as prose.” Mattison’s poetry masquerading as prose is generally straightforward but delivers sudden fillips that transpose the reader to another level. He is a scrupulous poet who will engage readers with his bright, spontaneous, clear, never-strained, uncluttered, new voice.”

- Larry Woiwode, Poet Laureate of North Dakota, author of Even Tide and Beyond the Bedroom Wall
"Lucian Mattison stamps our passports and welcomes us to the Peregrine Nation, a region in history both personal and shared. Although the poems take us all over Chile and Argentina, we never feel welcome in either. Rather the Peregrine Nation seems to be a Nowhere Land for those “not completely gringo or Argentinean.” By oscillating between poetic strategies, between shorter lyric and more narrative poem, Mattison formally enacts this juxtaposition, creating poetry that all outsiders will find welcoming."

- Gerry LaFemina, author of Little Heretic and Vanishing Horizon, director of Frostburg State University Creative Writing Program


Broadkill River Press (2014)

Praise for Peregrine Nation

"Lucian Mattison writes poems that travel across continents and griefs, bi-cultural, speaking between languages, his is a broad geography from pool halls to the dim lights of Argentina, he brings us through the alleyways of lost loves and the bar tables where we count our losses, but always with some sense of hope, some far away music calling us as when he urges "hear my voice inhabit / a familiar melody, as if / I’ve lived my entire life somewhere else / in a second tongue."

- Sean Thomas Dougherty, author of All You Ask for is Longing: New and Selected Poems and ​Sasha Sings the Laundry on the Line